Academic Associates


He has done Ph.D.on Gandhian Protest and published papers on Gandhian thought. He is a Professor of Political Science and specializes in Gandhian Studies, Politics and Governance

Prof. Arun Chaturvedi

He retired as Professor, Head of Political Science from MLS University Udaipur where he shouldered many academic and administrative positions including Dean of Social Science.He wrote many books and published academic articles in the field of political science. He specializes in the field of Politics and Governance.

Prof. Naresh Dadhich

He retired as Professor and Head, Department of Political Science,University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.A recipient of Pell Fellowship of Salve Regina University, Rhodes Island, USA, he has published in the field of Gandhian Studies and political theory.He helps in theorizing issues of contemporary politics.He specializes in Gandhian Studies,Politics and Governance.

Prof. Rajiv Gupta

He retired as Professor and Head of Sociology Department of University of Rajasthan. He is a well known public intellectual of Rajasthan with a Marxist leaning. He specializes in Gender and provide Sociological Perspective to contemporary political issues.

Dr. H R Isran

Retired as Principal and Associate Professor of English Literature from Churu Government College, Rajasthaan. He is well known Philanthropist and English language teacher.

Dr. Prabhu Dayal Jangid

Working as associate professor of Political Science in the Government College, Kaladera, Jaipur. He has done his Ph.D. in Gandhian Studies and published in the same field. He specializes in Gandhian Studies and Politics and Governance.

Prof.Sanjay Lodha

He is Professor and Head, Department of political science in MLS University, Udaipur. A well known political scientist associated with election studies of CSDS, has presented papers and published academic papers in the field of election politics of India. He specializes in Politics and Governance.

Dr. Ruchi Mishra

She is at present teaching Political Scienceat Ratan lal Kanwar lal Patni girls college, Kishangar, Ajmer.She has completed her Ph.D. In Gandhian thought and published in the field of Gandhian Studies.She specializes in Gandhian Studies,Politics and Governance.

Prof. B K Sharma

He retired as Professor and Head Department of History from VM Open University, Kota. An expert in modern Indian history, he has authored 16 books. He provides Historical Perspective to various contemporary political issues.

Academic Assistant

Dr.Rakesh Kumar

He is doing postdoctoral research in media studies.

Ms.Kshipra Sharma

She is lecturer of Political Science in Kanodia College,Jaipur.