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Tribute to Khushwant Singh

While returning back to Jaipur from Bhuvneshwar after spending a well deserved holiday at Bhuvneshwar via Kolkatta today,I purchased a book at the Kolkatta airport titled,"Khushwant Singh: The legend Lives on "edited by Rahul Singh(his son);a compilation of tribute paid to Khushwant Singh by well known writers and others on his death on March 20,2014 at the age of 99.Those who wrote obituaries included from...

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History of Indian Food

We are Vaishnavite by tradition and so our food is non onion non garlic vegetarian food. My mother used to prepare food in the kitchen where we kids were not allowed to enter before we took bath.The food prepared would be offered to God ( a few photos and statutes of Maa Durga, Satyanarayan, Shiv ji, Ram, shaligram and others constitute of what we call deity)in the puja room and then we were served that food.In Vaishnavism God is revered...

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A leisure day

In the routine life we sometimes stumble upon a day which expectedly turned into a day of retrospection. In a sunny morning when everyone has left the apartment in a huff taking the burden of job with him/her.I have volunteered to stick around till everyone comes back in the evening.Now I have a whole day with me.No one to inspect my actions, no phones(I switched off my mobile) and no one...

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The Habit of Reading

Whenever I go out of the circle of my friends and colleagues from teaching profession to other part of society,I encounter a question in different forms; Why one should read? Even in my profession,I donot find many enthusiasts who relish reading on its own.For them also, reading is a necessary evil to be controlled as much as one can and only to indulge in it when essential for teaching or research purpose.But in the normal world (academic world is considered far from real world),people do not like...

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Teaching as a profession

I have spent more than three decades in the profession of teaching in a state University.When I joined this profession ,I had no idea what is this job about.No One in my family was in teaching.While studying in my MA somehow my professor Iqbal Narain got impressed by me and insisted that I should join teaching.He got me scholarship after I completed my post graduation so that I can remain in academics.When you join a job you are new to it but gradually you get used to it and later...

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Indian Elections: The Verdict by Prannoy Roy

Indian elections are festival times.We just had our state assembly elections and now we are thrown into Parliamentary elections.Discussion,predictions and post-mortem of elections have been developed into an art as well as science in India.With the ushering of colour TV and a large number of channels Psephology has come to stay.We are glued to TV during electioneering, enjoying blabbering and blustering displayed...

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